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CUDIT Coach Lloyd Anders

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CUDIT Hitting Coach, Coach Lloyd Anders, is an elite hitting coach with a pure passion for the game. He is dedicated to continually developing his coaching, hitting instruction, and training systems. This is why he completed his C.U.D.I.T. Concentric Hitting Coach Certification.

Like many coaches, he first started coaching for his children. He realized how much he loved helping athletes develop and improve their skills. Coach Lloyd chose to continue his coaching education and became a certified C.U.D.I.T Concentric Hitting Coach.

Coach Lloyd's says: "There is no better feeling than seeing the look on players' faces when they see the results of their hard work! It is priceless!"


Coach Lloyd believes in the importance of the mental game. He constantly reminds his players to have discussions with themselves for success. One thing that he's discussed with other coaches over the years is how to teach the aggressiveness and mental toughness needed in baseball. This is vital.


Coach Lloyd currently coaches a travel baseball team for a national organization. He enjoys working with kids of all ages and teaching them the correct way to enjoy this game.


SPECIALIZES IN: C.U.D.I.T.® Concentric Hitting Lessons; Team Coach; Available for clinics and small group hitting sessions. 

Location: Youngstown Ohio to Pittsburgh PA Area

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