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CUDIT Coach Quinn

  • 27+ Years Coaching Experience

  • 17+ Years Experience Coaching Softball

  • Asst. High School Coach Since ’21-22 Season

  • C.U.D.I.T. Certified Hitting Instructor


My name is Coach Quinn and I've coached baseball, softball, football, and basketball at various levels since 1996.  I have been coaching softball since 2006.  During the last 18 years, I've coached at the Little League, travel ball, and high school levels. 


As a longtime coach, one of my passions is to not only help kids become better hitters, but to help them become stronger mentally, and to help them realize their full potential.  This approach and my continual development to be the best coach that I can be, has led me to C.U.D.I.T. Concentric Hitting Program.  C.U.D.I.T. isn’t just about teaching hitters how to hit, it’s about teaching hitters how to mentally prepare to step into the batters box.  They say in softball/baseball that 90% of the game is mental.  If that's the case, then it's time we started training that aspect of the game.


With C.U.D.I.T., hitters will not only learn the proper mechanics of the swing, but the "why and how" the swing mechanics connect to produce a more fluid, powerful swing.


All lessons are individualized to meet each hitter’s specific needs, recognizing that those needs can change over time. Lessons will always be different and challenging, no matter what level the hitter has reached.  There is always room for athlete growth in the C.U.D.I.T program.


Specializes in: C.U.D.I.T.® Concentric Hitting Lessons, Catching, & Defense.


​Ages: 8 & Up


Area:  South Jersey


Certified: 2024


Status: Active Certified C.U.D.I.T.® Hitting Coach   

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