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"CUDIT Coach Gregory Leiva here!  I am 56 years old from the Stockton California area bringing private hitting instruction to the next level with CUDIT!  My passion for softball started with my three daughters who played the sport.  My love for the game continued throughout their journey as I then decided to offer private hitting instruction to softball athletes.  The ultimate blessing has been being a parent coach and a coach to softball athletes looking to improve their game.  I also coached my son's in baseball and football.  Coaching has been a forever passion of mine and now with CUDIT, I am bringing it to a brand new level!

Working with my hitters to improve their game is a craft that I continually work to master.  I was introduced to CUDIT through Coach Lisa's YouTube and I knew immediately that this would be the perfect fit for me.  CUDIT Concentric Hitting is the hitting and training style that I completely agree with.  The way we use our body to hit while connecting it to the soul and mental game is vital for athletic peak performance.  If you are in the Stockton, CA area and are looking for hitting instruction at a brand new level, gear up and let's do this!!" - Coach Gregory

Specializes in C.U.D.I.T. Concentric hitting lessons for individuals and groups.

Ages – 8+

Certified Since – Spring 2019

Coaching Location – Stockton California Area

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